About X-Diet

X-Diet philosophy and commitment is to use the highest quality ingredient to produce the most effective slimming supplement. We use natural plant ingredient and tailor made formulation to help support men and women with their weight loss goals.

X-Diet supports the use of our effective formulations with a balanced lifestyle that includes healthy nutrition, sensible exercise and balance dietary. Our products are manufactures under strict FDA USA GMP Standards that delivered the highest quality products with sophisticated tests to ensure each product is safe and pure, which gives our customers a peace of mind in using our products


X-Diet products are manufactured by Crimsons Pharma.

Crimsons Pharma has been manufacturing vitamins and supplement to domestic and international market since 1971. Following a strict FDA USA GMP Standards, Crimsons Pharma has set the standard for high quality vitamin manufacturing, where scientists and researchers in yje laboratories adhere to the strictest government testing procedures to assure the potency, stability and purity of our products, guarantee the vitamins and supplements are absolutely free of contaminants.

Quality Assurance

At Crimsons Pharma, X-Diet products go through stringent check procedures and proper documentation. Product quality is extremely vital to ensure each product is safe and pure.

Stage 1: Testing
Investigates ingredients’ safety for human consumption and any possible side effects on a small number of willing people.

Stage 2: Effectiveness
Investigates product efficacy and possible side effects on a large amount of willing people.

Stage 3: Regulatory Review and Compliance
Documentation filed for new product with Food and Drug Administration (FDA).